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Adventures of a Poppy Seed is an experimental photo blog.

I could stay straight out it’s mostly about me, my travels in Japan and my experiences in cooking Japanese cuisine.

I would add, however, that it is an evolving living breathing experiment in life, culture, and food of a foreign nation performed without grace by a silly American/Russian girl. It is a delicious experience that I’m savoring while learning things about myself in the process. I’m designing my own protocol (ok, I do follow the train schedule) and I’m venturing into the unknown.

So let’s get to it! I said it’s about me, so here you go. While living in Tokyo suburbs, I’ll be doing research in surface and colloid chemistry. In the US I function as a creative formulator of personal care and cosmetic products at Ajinomoto USA, Inc. I consider myself an intricate mixture of an artist and a scientist. Feel free to ask me what it’s like to be such hybrid mutant monster.


Please note:

– The views on this blog are my opinion only and do not represent the views of my company.

– If you’d like to use my photography please give me credit.



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